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Well, i wouldnt if vitel were a single level affiliate program, but theyre not. Lightyear wireless is very unique in the fact that they actually pay 100% and then some back out to the field to support its representatives. The first are the vendor product and service sales, which i have no problem with. Also in 2003, lightyear wireless was created as a division of lightyear network solutions to focus solely on wireless services. Tempo wireless is a division of birch communications. Theres nothing wrong with that as there are plenty of successful companies who operate within the mlm business model and sprint is a good company. L aunching a new direct selling company is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. Start working with lightyear wireless today lightyear. Ben earned the honor in 2009 as well as being picked for the presidential award. When preparing to get things going, it is a common practice in our industry to attempt to implement the. This complete guide outlines 8 steps to building sales compensation plans for any customerfacing role.

Lightyear wireless the new wireless revolution is here. Recently, there was troubling news that a couple top lightyear distributors decided to move on to a nontelcom company and they and lightyear wireless are now in. Lightyear other products and services lightyear wireless. It helps to describe the company, the compensation plan, and the future with our company. Universal service for lowincome consumers 2012 headlines. Payperuse roaming rates will apply on these devices when in mexico. Ok, i can say there are a couple things i do not like about the compensation plan. Lightyear broadband we offer service for every major provider. Gciusvi lifeline recertification waiverextension order.

Lightyear wireless detailed compensation plan 2010 update. I followed recos rise at lightyear for the last few years, and was very impressed that a leader of such young age, had such a passionate focus, and realized that getting rich was not all about money and toys, but was 100% about achieving wholeness in every area of your life i was sad to hear that josh henderson, lightyear wireless and the mcdaniels were now in legal battle. Additionally, reps may earn up to 10% of their personal referral customers monthly wireless bills. Eric bechtold lightyear wireless 2012 number one money. At first the reader is pointed to four separate pdf files outlining four unrelated commissions structures, then back on the main page vitel launch into explanations about bonuses, residual commissions and membership ranks. Apr 20, 2006 lightyear has released details of the specialized compensation plan that accompanies their web system called the mylightyear residual bonus. Lightyear wireless is a mlm based company that operates as a virtual mobile network operator on the sprint network. That said, in breaking down the compensation plan ive identified two sources of company revenue and commissions. Summary plan description of the verizon wireless executive. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the teams worklife balance. Tempo wireless overview best prepaid cell phone plans 2014.

Lightyear network solutions, a fullservice communications company founded in 1993 80,000 sqft world headquarters in. You will only see transparency of what the company is all about is when you join,and then they will have. So what is the product and compensation plan with this multilevel wireless marketing opportunity. Its not the cheapest, but its the best and most honest offer on the market. In todays economic climate with unemployment closing on 10%, lightyear wireless is exploding with opportunity. This site was created to provide an environment of training and support to vision team members. Bechtold stated that, becoming part of lightyear was a simple decision when you consider we empower people to get their service for free while also affording them the ability to earn money spreading the word about our services.

There is some special and handsome in such as matching bonuses for five levels deep. In 2000 lightyear wireless changed its name to lightyear communications. Brief compensation plan overview for lightyear wireless. At no time may an ipc use the morinda name, trademarks, compensation plan, products, corporate documents, any employee of morinda, other ipcs, or anything. Henderson is also the founder and the ceo of lightyear wireless mlm division, lightyear network solutions. The only wireless company that pays you to be a customer. Lightyear alliance compensation plan document april 1, 2008. There are also three monthly bonus pools that will allow you to override the success of the entire company. A strong preference for dis cretionary incentive compensation persists, despite the indication that many firms dont achieve desired outcomes through such pay. Fortunately, xocais perfect combination of product, science, timing, company, and compensation delivers an opportunity unrivaled by any other. According to the companys official website, josh s. Lightyear alliance compensation plan document april 1, 2008 lightyear alliance will pay 50% of what it. I know it can get a bit confusing but lightyear wireless compensation plan is easily laid out and thoroughly explained in the free weekly web seminars. Buy levitra soft in cambodia phnom penh milk allergy ingredients to avoid marquette plan michigan shoreline janie miller kentucky health select plan fnsb plot plans heavy bleeding while on clindamycin hcl ferris state university enrollment management plan blood pressure range in children weight loss and walking hub caps for 2002 cadillacs arrow.

Limit on number of financed devices per wireless account may apply. Ironically, it is also one of the most frightening. It is a quick and convenient way to check the pay plan information. Lightyear wireless was launched in july 29, 2008 by a father and son team of sherm and josh henderson.

Lightyear alliance and activates at least 2 customer points in their first 30 days. This is a powerpoint download of the presentation that many of the leaders in our company use. Our compensation plan offers a way for people to achieve their financial goals, whether thats to earn a few hundred dollars a month or to create a. In september of 20 birch communications acquired lightyear wireless. Tempo wireless 9410 bunsen parkway suite 250 louisville kentucky 40220 phone. No different from acn, lightyear wireless, 5linx, and many others.

Because of how this compensation plan favors recruitment and you pretty much need a big downline to make good money. It includes sales compensation plan templates you can. Lightyear wireless join the wireless revolution with the. Tempo wireless was designed to offer people the ability to st. To prospect successfully, you dont have to be a master at explaining your compensation plan or know all the science that goes into your products. Updated for 2010 a detailed lightyear wireless business opportunity compensation plan training video and guide. This template develops a plan for it resources, tools, projects, and budgets needed for the next 2 years within your defined organizational unit a bureau, bureaus, unit, division etc.

Tempo wireless appears to be genuinely different from lightyear wireless and offers a wide range of devices users can also bring their own devices. As we take you through the information in the steps above, you will soon see for yourself why so many people are excited about lightyear wireless. Lightyear wireless, which launched in 2003, provides a number of telecom solutions for the average user by way of a direct promoting, or mlm, business model. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and ceo insights. Tempo wireless is offering real value to customers. Lightyear is taking steps to position their representatives in front of the largest shifts of wealth in our economy. Henderson is listed as the founder and the ceo of crush global. Lightyear wireless your plan b become a representative with lightyear wireless and be part of the wireless goldrush. Lightyear has partnered with two of the largest wireless networks in the country and now you have the ability to profit from it.

The verizon wireless executive deferral plan edp is a nonqualified deferred compensation plan which supplements our savings and retirement plan and provides a capital accumulation opportunity to you by permitting you to defer your base salary over the irs compensation limit, as well as any shortterm. Overall lightyear wireless reps should be self motivated, if you think your done, you can do more. In every case, when all five red flags were found in an mlm compensation plan as is found in nearly all mlms. Lightyear has released details of the specialized compensation plan that accompanies their web system called the mylightyear residual bonus. Refer 3 customers to receive free wireless service referrals must be at your current plan to receive this bonus. Your best bet is to thoroughly research the company before investing your money. Have a plan in place and know what you are going to say when that prospect answers the phone see our sample phone scripts in chapter four. To create a truly work from home status with the opportunity in lightyear wireless will take quick action to obtain 100s in your down line. Jul 11, 2008 the hot new player in the wireless industry, lightyear wireless has partnered with a new marketing channel called mywirelessrep. Uncover why lightyear wireless is the best company for you.

Lightyear wireless offers nocontract wireless, contract wireless, wireless internet, mifi, and tablets. Lightyear wireless blog every detail about lightyear. Like all network marketing companies, tempo wireless has a compensation plan you can participate in when you decide to buy one of their business packages. Lightyear wireless business detailed compensation plan free download as pdf file. Tempo wireless, which was formerly known as lightyear wireless, is a mlm company that sells wireless phone services.

Fail the browser should render some flash content, not this. This opportunity is now doing business as lightyear wireless offers individuals an opportunity to save on their wireless cell phone bill, while at the same time, the potential to earn a residual income by developing their own network of customers and associates. Dont pay your cell phone bill til you read this report. Bonuses paid to the representative and their upline when select lightyear services are activated. With so many new mlm companies popping up every month, it can be hard to know which ones are legit and which ones arent. Lightyear wireless is still in its ground floor stage so i recommend that you read everything i have to offer you about this company and get started working today. How to build a sales compensation plan with templates and. The lightyear small business model many people are apprehensive about a multilevel marketing and advertising structure of compensation considering the fact that it truly is very. Comcast, adelphia, charter, earthlink, time warner, and many, many more.

Why lightyear wireless is the best unlimited plan available. Our compensation plan offers a way for people to achieve their financial goals, whether thats to earn a few hundred dollars a month or to create a multiple sixfigure income. Xocai pays 50% back to its distributors startup cost comparison. Lightyear wireless compensation plan join lightyears. Lightyear wireless business detailed compensation plan. Up to 10, 25, 50 or 100 cru devices, depending on plan. The compensationlightyears compensation plan offers 3 basic ways to earn incomeimmediate bonus incomemonthly residual. Receive your own free business opportunity leads in your country by promoting your own mlm company. Following their 2010 conference in louisville, ky, for the second year in a row lightyear announced their top money earner as ben sturtevant from santa rosa, ca.

Crush global was launched in september 2016 and is based in kentucky, usa. However the reason i do not like them, has nothing to do with the payout, or the viability of the compensation package. May 06, 2010 updated for 2010 a detailed lightyear wireless business opportunity compensation plan training video and guide. Mywirelessrep and lightyear wireless partner webwire. Basically, they resell service from verizon and sprint. Our focus is to provide cell phone charging kiosks at a variety of venues with targeted advertisements aimed at the users of our network. Lightyear wireless over priced wont sell your titles concerned 4 america, yet you cant even respond to a simple freakin pm, asking you for more info on your service from a guy who states flat out that hes going to be in the market for a phone and service in the next couple months. If selling phone plans and smart devices sounds interesting to you, then tempo wireless is one of the few good mlms currently working in the wireless. Lightyear wireless is exploding across the nation and now has a product and service for everyone. Lightyear wireless detailed compensation plan 2010. Gvo wireless and lightyear wireless business opportunity. This is just one way you can take advantage of our excellent pay p. The system is there a proven methodology already in place to guide you. The pdf version of the compensation plan is static and not updated throughout the fiscal year.

Edit, make previous articles better, post more ads, make fliers, create business cards, go the extra mile and your check will have the extra digits. We call it social marketing, which simply means moving products and services through people using. Find out what works well at lightyear wireless from the people who know best. At the same time birch created the brand tempo to launch into the prepaid wireless market. When your compensation plan was designed, you added all the latest and greatest ideas that you could think of. Fy 2020 compensation plan human resources fairfax county. Hundreds of billions of dollars are out there waiting for us to redirect. Tempo wireless uses a basic multilevel compensation plan which allows you to gain bonuses from people you directly refer and people in your team and network. Lightyear wireless even pays out up to 10% on your own personal customers and 4% through 8 additional levels of compression in your downline. They are a fullservice telecommunications company founded in 1993 with its parent company lightyear network solutions. Launched in 2003 fastest growing division in lightyear network solutions direct sellingnetwork marketing compensation plan representatives paid weekly.

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