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Bollards selection guide bollards are posts that are often made of steel and mounted at intervals to help protect property and prevent accidents around designated areas. Bollards in drawin, nt the extensive use of bollards gives us the ability to control access to certain areas, particularly large vehicles from entering parks and town squares. Image 10 of 16 from gallery of decorative bollards reliance foundry. Boss designer permanent bollards and bollard caps decorative bollard caps for permanent bollards suitable for shopping centres, parks, shop fronts, commercial buildings or anywhere requiring a standard permanent bollard. Innoplast 4 and 7 bollards bollardgard reflective bollards. Inground bollards come in many colours any colour you want and can easily be modified to have additional features such as eyelets for. Bollards page 2 of 48 environmental street furniture. Bollards, parking bollards, security posts bollards direct. Our bollards are constructed of steel rebar encased in concrete to provide superior strength and protection. See the latest products, news and videos from suppliers of bollards. Designed to withstand all weather conditions and available in a variety of styles. Our extensive experience ensures we consistently provide you with quality bollards. Stainless steel designer edge bollard australian bollards. Looking for added protection when it comes to securing important assets, goods or equipment.

They are available in a range of designs, finishes and are suitable for traffic control, roadside delineation, car park applications and many more common uses. Our business is still open and our team are working remotely o rder online or get in touch 0844 980 1665. We suspect it is an intentional business strategy so you have to buy more bollards and concrete everytime one is badly impacted. Unlike collapsible bollards, which are permanent fixtures, removable security bollards are completely detachable. Welcome to australian bollards, aesthetically pleasing architecturally designed, functional, high quality, strong and durable, one stop shop comprehensive range of products. Choose boss bollards proven bollards for protecting plant and equipment and provide vehicular access. Meter protection as a customer, it is your responsibility to protect the meter from harm. We supply industries across australia with robust solutions for safety requirements. Bollards, barriers, security posts, seats and benches, litter bins, tree protection, cycle storage and planters all fully guaranteed and all.

Bollards direct is where youll find street furniture that meets all your requirements. Jun 17, 2016 bollards they dont just control road traffic see more ideas about street art, public art and street furniture. Spill prevention control and countermeasure spcc and oil containment it is the customers responsibility to comply with spill prevention and containment requirements for oilfilled. Projectlink connects you with leading bollard suppliers that stock all different types of bollards including plastic, aluminium and stainless steel variations. Choose from bollards in a range of styles and materials to complement any landscape and architectural style. This makes it easy to set up and take down the bollards and move them to different areas as needed. Bollards can be decorative and provide visual guidance for drivers to avoid certain areas, or can provide a physical barrier for security. Security bollards direct is one of the uks largest online stores for telescopic. Bollards page 3 of 48 environmental street furniture.

Brac12 brc12 contemporary round size and optical styles bda8 bra8 bral8 square bsa8 bdar5 specialty bollards tna tsa hid, led hid hid, led hid hid, led hid, led hid, led concrete round bdac8 bdc8 brac8 brc8 bdac12 bdc12 bdac18 bdc18 brac18 brc18 concrete square bsac12 bsc12 bpac12 bpc12. See more ideas about street furniture, landscape architecture and landscape elements. J95 meter guard design and installation arrangement. Request for quote company name your name shipping address city state zip e mail phone fax. Established in 1946, today the familyowned and operated business manages the production of custommade metalwork structures. Custom bollards concrete bollards steel bollards godawn. Bollard shop is the goto supplier for firstrate bollards. Tectura designs bollards of all shapes and sizes offer dependable solutions for security, traffic flow and numerous other applications while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any project. Pipe bollards, custom cut to almost any size and length, straight lengths. Ushaped bollards are typically used for the protection of equipment and are very common in areas that need coverage over a wider area than of.

Bollard sleeves in various alloys or finishes are designed to cover security bollards to enhance their visual attractiveness. Dawn enterprises, llc manufactures a variety of concrete bollards that provide effective security measures. Stainless steel anti ram raid removable key lockable bollards. The original ribbed sleeves provide extra impact protection and are available to fit 4, 6 and 8 npt pipe. Removable pipe bollards offer a portable solution for temporary security applications. Innoplast 7 reflective bollard covers are available in many stock colors with custom color capabilities. Post sleeves are 56 long in all sizes and colors and are available in 72 length in yellow to fi t 6 and 8 posts. Options include m30k4 compliant fixtures as well as security core variations of several of our most popular illuminated bollard designs. Abrk220s these high impact bollards were installed at the department of immigration, casselden 2 lonsdale st, melbourne, vic. In ground bollards are designed to be resistant to ram raids with a portion of the steel in ground bollard installed into a concrete footing.

Clearances and location requirements for enclosures, pads, and underground equipment rev. Highly trained and dedicated, our team take the time to understand your goals and objectives, and then provide a. Effective landscape design improves user experience these bollards create an easily navigated landscape through the repetition of color and texture planning and organization make a property easier to read and navigatehelping increase comfort and familiarity. These bollards are made of heavy duty steel welded construction with a r. Reliance foundry is a leading supplier of outdoor site furnishings, including bollards and bike parking. Any meters located in vehicleaccessible areas, such as on or along a wall adjacent to a road, driveway, or parking area, shall be protected by 4. Security bollards direct, grays thurrock, thurrock, united kingdom. That provide you the perfect economic and cost effective, must have budget solution, for your specific needs. Our bollards are available in various materials and finishes to your requirements including mild steel, stainless steel, timber, ornate polymer, recycled plastic and concrete for most applications. Gas design standard meter guard design and installation arrangement j95 publication date. Telescopic parking bollards telescopic parking posts.

Products bollards bollards 1 products round bollard moddex tuffstop. We are happy to sell you plain every day steel bollards year after year, but we highly recommend investing a few dollars for a lifetime of savings. Designer bollards bollards, safety bollards, removable. Home about us outdoor products indoor products videos gallery manufacturers contact sonam bollards. Bollards for sale top quality bollards, trade discounts. We offer several standard bollards, and as listed below, we are happy.

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